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About Us

Coreanos is a unique blend of Mexican and Korean cuisine. The menu developed by executive chef Hee "Chino" Chang. Dave Song also part of the team executing daily operations. We hope you'll come and enjoy our food.

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All house-made things from kimchi to guacamole and chips. We take pride in our food and merging the authenticity of both these cultures. Don't forget a churro for dessert.

Roasted Chicken

Rotisserie chickens are served 1/2 chicken with tortillas. Roasted and then fried creating crispy skin with the meat still moist.


Enjoy our unique proteins over salad or choice of Spanish or Asian rice.


Offering a wide variety of blended Mexican and Korean tacos Pork Shoulder Al Pastor, beef, double fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, and bugolgi beef tacos.

Food Menu


3 Tacos On Corn Tortillas

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    Sliced ribeye in sweet soy marinade, shredded lettuce, radish slices, cojita, gochujang

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    Somked cumin ground sirloin & chuck, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, gucamole, cojita, gochujang sour cream

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    Double Fried Chicken

    Chili oil, white rice, black bean & corn salsa, ssam sauce

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    Roast Chicken

    Pulled rotisserie chicken, spanish rice, red chili salsa, kimchi

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    Pork Pastor

    Pork shoulder in pineapple & achote marinade, hand sliced, pineapple salsa, salsa verde

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    Braised pork in acidulated water, onions, cilantro, salsa verde, shredded


Salad Bowls

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    Mixed greens, pico do gallo, onions, cilantro. kimchi, radish slices, guacamole, red grilled salsa, gochujang, gochujang sour cream, cojita

    + Bulgogi $4

    + Roast chicked $3

    + Double fried chicken $3

    + Carnita $3

    + Pork pastor $3

    + Spanish rice $1.5

    + White rice $1


Half Rotisserie Chicken

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    Marinade in soy & lime, slow roasted & served with corn tortillas, kimchi, white or spanish rice, salsa verde, red chili salsa



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    Daikon kimchi

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    Soy pickled peppers

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    Corn & black bean salsa

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    Spanish rice

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    White rice

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    Corn on a stick


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Located in Chinatown Square check back for events.

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Contact Info

  • 1016-1018 Race St. (Chinatown Square)
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • +1 215-858-2288
  • info@coreanosphilly.com


  • Monday - Thursday 11a-11p
  • Friday- Saturday 11a-3a
  • Sunday 11a-9p